Much of the success of the Century Casinos team is based on its ability to identify and cater to different markets by tailoring the style and focus of individual developments and operations to the needs and expectations of each host community.

Superior Experience and Skills

Century Casinos is led by two gaming industry professionals with a combined industry experience of more than 60 years. Prior to forming Century Casinos, they have developed and operated more than 100 casinos in 20 different countries and on cruise ships for Austrian casino companies.

Due to extensive industry experience, the individual skills of Century Casinos' management team cover every facet of casino development and operations. In any gaming jurisdiction, the team's diversity of experience gives Century Casinos the ability to tailor its gaming-based entertainment developments and operations to the unique needs and circumstances of each specific location.

From resort casinos to those in a metropolitan setting, from elegant liners to gaming cruise excursion vessels, Century Casinos offers comprehensive strategies for service and profit from initial design, through development to final operation and beyond. Furthermore, our experience includes the setting up of new gaming venues in countries or regions lacking any existing gaming infrastructure. To meet these demands, sophisticated training and advancement programs have been developed to ensure that the opportunities for local residents are maximized.

Operating Hallmarks of Century Casinos

  • Proven success in highly competitive and culturally diverse environments
  • Proven innovator in competitive casino marketing and promotions
  • Proven performance to the highest standards of regulatory compliance
  • Proven systems of management and financial reporting

Century Casinos Provides the Full Range of Services

  • Master planning, design development and equipment selection
  • Consulting arrangements
  • Full development and operational management services
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Full ownership

Century Casinos' management team has the necessary experience to offer its partners a flexible management style that will suit each and every casino operation and can pinpoint and optimize the potential of every type of casino operation enabling the owner to maximize efficiency and profitability.