Our Employees

At Century Casinos, we are aware that much of our success is based on our employees' combined talents, skills and ideas. As an international casino entertainment company operating on various continents and aboard cruise ships, we cater to very different markets with different customer expectations.

In order to meet these expectations, we strive to build a workforce that's as diversified as our customers. Therefore, we are looking for talented men and women regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age and national origin.


We provide training and employment for 2,300 people of over 35 different nationalities, of whom over 51% are female.

We hire, retain and develop the best employees to be able to provide our customers with excellent customer service and the most exciting gaming experience.

As an international gaming operator, we also face different labor market regulations. Century Casinos is proud to not only comply with these regulations, but to be able to outperform them, and thus help people to improve their lives through employment and training.

Employee Development

Focusing on employee development and creating a positive work environment is one of our first priorities. We have training and development programs in operation to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to tap their full potential.