Facts & Overview

Century Casinos, Inc. is listed on The Nasdaq Capital MarketĀ® (ticker symbol: CNTY).
Due to its incorporation in the US State of Delaware, Century Casinos is subject to Delaware's Corporate Law. For further information on Delaware's Corporate Law as well as Century Casinos' Certificate of Incorporation and Bylaws, please find the following links and documents:

Complying with Delaware's Corporate Law, the Company also observes the Nasdaq and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations.

Please also find Century Casinos' Corporate Governance Guidelines, Governance and Nominating Committee Charter, Audit Committee Charter and Compensation Committee Charter:

Code of Business Conduct & Ethics

Century Casinos' success in the international casino entertainment industry is built on our integrity and reputation. To build awareness of and protect these key assets, Century Casinos' Board of Directors has adopted the following Code of Business Conduct & Ethics.