Insider/Directors Dealing

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Filing Requirements and definition of the Insider term according to US regulations

Insider trading information is derived from Forms 3 and 4 filings filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

  • A Form 3 is an Initial Statement Of Beneficial Ownership Of Securities. It is filed within ten days of when a corporate insider is defined by the SEC as a reporting person.
  • A Form 4 is a Statement Of Changes In Beneficial Ownership Of Securities. The Form 4 must be filed by a reporting person before the end of the second business day following the day on which the subject transaction has been executed, or at such other time as the SEC shall establish, by rule, in any case in which the SEC determines that such two-day period is not feasible.

A reporting person is defined as any executive officer or director of the company or any beneficial owner of more than 10% of the company’s stock. An executive officer is the company's chief executive officer, president, principal financial officer, principal accounting officer, any vice-president of the company in charge of a principal business unit, division, or function (such as sales, administration, or finance), any other officer who performs a policy-making function, or any other person who performs similar policy-making functions for the issuer. Officers of the issuer's parent(s) or subsidiaries shall be deemed officers of the issuer if they perform such policy-making functions for the issuer.

A greater than 10% beneficial owner is a person or entity who has sole or shared, direct or indirect, voting or dispositive power over more than 10% of the company’s stock.