Winners' Zone

Winners' Zone

Our loyalty program

The Winners' Zone

  • A Winners' Zone membership allows you to enter Century Casino Central City exclusive prize draws! Prizes range from cash, trips, vehicles and more!

  • Members will also have access to exclusive Food and Beverage promotions! The Winners' Zone is free to join.

  • Sign up for free in person with your valid ID to get access to awesome benefits and rewards.

Become a Winners' Zone member

  • If you are 21 or older, bring your valid ID and sign up

To download the app search "Century Casinos" in the app store.
Or, directly follow the app link below.



Alternatively, you can also access our Winners' Zone player portal directly through your web browser.

Access player portal:    Player Portal Century Casino Central City

Insta-Play Right Away!

Earn points playing gaming machines with your Winners’ Zone card! Redeem Points for free Insta-Play right at your machine! New and “Like New” members get special Insta-Play offers on their first day!

Insta-Play on the Way!

With your permission, your play on your card will unlock exclusive communication with MORE Insta-Play, bundled with offers for hotel discounts and stays, food offers, and exclusive promotions like point multipliers, gifts, and more!

Insta-Comp your Meal!

Automatically earn food credit in Insta-Comp on your card as you play machines or tables! Enjoy one-stop comping: just present your Winners’ Zone card at time of order to pay for all or part of your meal with Insta-Comp!

WIN with Insta-Draw!

Earn entries automatically with your machine and tables play for regular weekend drawings for Insta-Play and CASH! No lines, no waiting: enter our drawings just by playing with your card on any drawing day!

Platinum Benefits

Players also earn Tier Points while they play to qualify for Platinum Status! Platinum players enjoy expanded benefits including exclusive Insta-Play offers and point multipliers, invitation to exclusive promotions and events, and more!

Free, Safe, and Secure

Membership to the Winners’ Zone is always free to guests aged 21 and over with a Valid ID. Your information is kept private, safe, and secure with us and is never shared with any third party.

Get Started in 3 Steps


If you are 21 or older, bring your valid ID to the Guest Services desk and our representatives will be happy to get you enrolled

(Please note that persons on the Disassociated Persons list or that have been barred from Century Casinos are not eligible to join.)

  • Play with your card to start getting benefits on DAY ONE! New Members can receive up to $20 in Winners’ Zone Rewards on their first day! 

  • Machine play on your card will AUTOMATICALLY earn you points good for Winners’ Zone Rewards, comps and promotional drawing entries.

  • Tables play will AUTOMATICALLY earn you Winners’ Zone Rewards and drawing entries!

  • If you forget your card, stop by the Winners’ Zone Booth and we’ll happily make you another.

  • More Winners’ Zone Rewards offers, along with food and hotel offers, will come in the U.S. mail.

  • Make sure to update your contact information at the Winners’ Zone Booth to ensure you receive all our latest promotions and benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • As long as the Winners’ Zone card is inserted and recognized during play, all your bets at our gaming machines earn points.

  • Every $1 (one dollar) bet through awards 1 point on slots, every $2 (two dollars) bet through awards 1 point on VP and electronic table games. This includes won credits that are also bet.

  • Each 200 points can be redeemed for $1 (One Dollar) in Insta-Play, right at any gaming machine, playable instantly!

  • Each 400 points can be redeemed for $1 (One Dollar) in food value to Insta-Comp your meal at time of payment!

  • Please see the Winners’ Zone desk for an informational sheet to give step-by-step instructions on downloading points to Insta-Play, mail offers or promotional well as how to reserve a machine.

  • As you play, the same way you accumulate points, you also are accumulating Insta-Comp. Points and Insta-Comp are separate balances, and you can alse redeem Insta-Comp, points for food value, as well as Insta-Comp offers sent in marketing communications at the same time (even on the same order) at any food outlet at time of payment, with only your Winners' Zone card and ID. At the Winners' Zone desk, we are happy to advise you of your points and Insta-Comp balance at any time!


  • Your points and Insta-Comp remain on your card for a rolling 6 months, regardless of activity.

  • Your Insta-Play remains on your card for a rolling 3 months, regardless of activity.

  • Earn 60,000 base points (points not including those earned with a promotional multiplier) in a rolling 180 day period to become a Platinum Player.

  • Earn 180,000 base points in a rolling 180 day period to become Platinum Pro.

  • Earn 360,000 base points in a rolling 180 day period to become Platinum Premier.

  • Platinum, Pro, and Premier players receive additional Insta-Play, hotel, and promotional offers and benefits. Please see a Casino Host for details on the benefits of each tier.

  • We do not EVER sell or share your personal information, to include name, address, email address, phone number, etc. When you share your email address with us, you will receive an Insta-Play offer for doing so and you will also receive email offers for drawing entries and information on upcoming events. These are sent not more often then 3-4 times per month. We only send pertinent information and will not overload your inbox, nor will allow anyone else to.