Century Cares

Donation Requests

At Century Casino & Hotel in Central City, Colorado, we want to always do our part in giving back to our communities, and to those within them that are most in need. We do this by actively assisting organizations in achieving their charitable and volunteer goals that make a difference in so many lives! Additionally, we do our part to help sustain the natural beauty in the world around us.

We welcome the opportunity to assist your organization with fundraising for the many worthy causes you work so diligently to support. If you are looking for donations for a silent auction or if you need in-person volunteer assistance for a charitable event/assistance program, please click on the link below. We ask that you please ensure the request form is completed in full and received at least 60 days prior to the event in order for us to give your organization the attention it deserves.

Please note, if all of the required information is not provided, the application will not be able to be processed. We thank you for all you do to make our communities better and stronger!

Donation Request Form

We would also love to see a picture of your event, once it is complete, to give us the opportunity to share your success story. You can send your picture to us via email at centralcity.cares@cnty.com.

Your Change Helps Charities

The "Your Change Helps" charity collection kiosk by our ticket redemption machines benefits a new charity recipient each quarter. Players who find themselves with a few cents left on a machine, or who only want the dollars from their ticket redeems and consider loose change not worth the jingly pocket, can allow those few cents to make a big difference for someone else! We collect and donate nearly $1,000 worth of change for charities with "Your Change Helps" each year!

Working Together to Benefit All Lives!

We are compassionate about all lives and strive to help hardworking and dedicated organizations, such as the NOCO Humane (formerly Larimer Humane Society), who seek to create safe and responsible relationships between animals and people. Their recent Top Cat & Tails annual event raised over $200,000 to allow them to remain an open-door, safe haven for 7,000 animals each year throughout Northern Colorado. We at Century Casino and Hotel are proud to provide donations each year toward their fundraising efforts.

Helping Improve Health & Well-being!

Helping families find support and care is something we deeply value. We are proud to partner with the Taddonio Family Foundation to benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities in their annual golf tournament. Monies raised help RMHC find, create and support the programs that directly improve the health and well-being of families and children all over the country. We are honored to be part of their mission!