Zane Lutz Memorial Race

May 27,2023 Brinsley Brooking-Lutz

"Were you born in a barn?" Well for my brother Zane and I, we may as well have been. We grew up in the back stretches of race tracks all over western Canada. "Track rats" so to speak. A life neither of us minded.


Horse racing was bred into us and made up many of Zane's best qualities. He was competitive as they come, tenaciously minded and quite fearless. The makings of we thought would make a hell of a driver some day. His actions while sitting behind a horse mirrored what many knew to be talent.


Sadly is an understatement when I say today, that we'll never really know what he could have become. We lost Zane a little over a year ago. Devastating all who knew and loved him so dearly. He is missed every day beyond measure.


We pay tribute to his memory in today's last race. The horsemen's way to honour their own.


I speak on behalf of my family when I thank everyone involved in spreading mental health awareness here today.


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