A Special Interview for Racing Club with Driver/Trainer Tyler Redwood

Dec 09,2021 Vanessa Mickel

We are thrilled that Racing Club will be opened again for the 2022 racing season! To kick-off the new season, we interviewed Twisted Sister’s Trainer/Driver, Tyler Redwood.

Q: How did you feel when you heard that Twisted Sister was joining your barn?
A: I was at the yearling sale and was looking at possibly picking out one for myself, and Joe Gray, Racing Manager at Century Downs, walked by and asked if I had room for one. In a slight panic, I told him “yes of course” and then it hit me, I was going to be training one for Racing Club and she was a young one I would have to break and train. It was a huge honour to see my work recognized and ask to take her on.

Q: Do you have a nickname for her?
A: At the sale, she was named Tina, which I have been trying to change, and every time I call her name, it’s been Tina!

Q: Do you have any off-season plans regarding training?
A: This year, we do not have much of an off-season, so it’s a work-right-through situation. The plan is to try and start fresh for the months of racing ahead of us.

Q: What do you have planned with Twisted Sister for the 2022 Season? Any specific goals you’re hoping to achieve?
A: As of right now, I want to make a racing horse out of her. Hopefully in 2022, we can make it as a 2 Year Old and then see if we can develop her into a nice, competitive stake filly.

Q: When you get a new horse, what are some of things you do with them prior to training?
A: I like to spend a lot of hands on time with them, I need to understand them and their personality. I teach myself about them, so I can teach them how to do their job.

Q: What are the challenges regarding training a horse that is maybe not familiar with the racing environment?
A: It is always fun breaking in the horses to the harness and jog cart, they always have some attitude and spunk about it – usually wondering around the ties too, bucking, kicking and playing. One of the biggest challenges though, is trying to break the potential of a bad habit to ensure you have a professional animal.

Learn more about our Racing Club and how to become a member for the 2022 Racing Season to own a share in 4 racehorses (including Twisted Sister):