Winners' Zone

Winners' Zone

Get what you want and the rewards you deserve!

Meet our player's club, the Winners' Zone! Sign up and download our app for free to get access to awesome benefits and rewards.

To download the app search "Century Casinos" in the app store.
Or, directly follow the app link below.



Alternatively, you can also access our Winners' Zone player portal directly through your web browser.

Access player portal:    Player Portal Century Casino Cape Girardeau

Earn Points & Free Play

Earn Century Points for Free Play, food and gift shop items. Plus, you will earn Tier Score Points to increase your benefits.

Exclusive Events, Promotions

Receive exclusive offers like event tickets, point multipliers, gifts, food credits, Free Play and more!

Personalized Offers

Participate in our promotions by using your Winners’ Zone card. You can get free drawing entries, earn additional entries and get other free benefits like point multipliers.

Free To Join

Join the Winners' Zone for free and start cashing in on the rewards!

Get Started in 3 Steps


If you are 21 or older, bring your valid ID to the Guest Services desk and our representatives will be happy to get you enrolled

(Please note that persons on the Disassociated Persons list or that have been barred from Century Casinos are not eligible to join.)

Apple Devices
If you have an Apple device like an iPhone, iPad, etc.:

iOS App Century Casino Cape Girardeau

  • Tap the App Store on your device.

  • Tap the Search icon at the bottom of the screen.

  • Search for Century Casinos.

  • Once you have found the app tap GET to install.


Android Devices
If you have an Android device like a Samsung, LG, Motorola, or any other brand running Android:

Android App Century Casino Cape Girardeau

  • Tap the Play Store icon on your device.

  • Tap the Search Bar at the top of the screen.

  • Search for Century Casinos.

  • Once you have found the app tap Install to start the download.


Alternative: Player Portal
If you have no smartphone to run the app, you can also visit our online Player Portal to directly sign in through your web browser and enjoy your benefits:

Player Portal Century Casino Cape Girardeau

  • Open the Century Casinos app, the login screen will be displayed automatically.
  • Enter your Winners’ Zone number into the Players Club Number field
  • Next, enter your 4-digit PIN below, and press the Login button

App Features


Press the PROFILE icon to access your account information including your tier level, tier point balance, and your Reward Dollar value for free play, dining or merchandise. You can also request a Win/Loss Statement, and see your tier level progression.

Press the Tag icon to view our upcoming promotions.

Press the HOME icon to choose more information about the casino and its amenities, such as Food & Drink for restaurant information, Groups for booking information, Resort for hotel information, and to learn more about upcoming promotions and entertainment.

Press the ENVELOPE icon to access your messages, offers (including free play, match play, hotel and dining).


Press the icon on the right with three horizontal lines to access the MAIN MENU. In the Main Menu you can access your Winners’ Zone account information, casino and betting information, promotions, food & drink, entertainment, and groups. Plus, you can also access our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

The GEAR icon on the top right will display the specifics about app content version, device and app build. Location Services will enable you to allow Century Casino & Hotel Cape Girardeau to access your location which will enable you to receive messages and exclusive offers. Push Notifications will allow your phone to alert you when you receive messages from us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Your Winners' Zone Players Card Number  (Don’t have one? Visit our Winners’ Zone and sign up for a free player's card.)

  • Your 4-digit PIN

To check your current point balance, select the PROFILE icon in the bottom left-hand corner. Here you can see your Reward Dollar balance and your Tier Point balance.

To check your push notifications services, go to the bottom right-hand corner and select MAIN MENU (three-line icon). Then, in the top right-hand corner select the SETTINGS icon. Scroll to the bottom and select PUSH NOTIFICATION SERVICES and be sure to allow notifications.


There are specific offers for each property. You can view your offers for each property by going to the MAIN MENU (three-line icon) and select VISIT ANOTHER DESTINATION. This will allow you to pick which properties offers you would like to view. 

In the MAIN MENU (three-line icon), select MY WINNERS' ZONE.  Near the bottom of the page you will see the progress message with your status information.


In the MAIN MENU (three-line icon), select MY WINNERS' ZONE and you will see your current Century Point Balance as well as a breakdown of how much you can redeem your points for in Free Play, dining or merchandise.


If you select the NOTIFICATION icon (the icon that resembles an envelope) and select the OFFERS button, your monthly offers will be displayed. 

Select the HOME icon to see the hours of operations.  For Table Games hours select CASINO and then select on DETAILS in Table Games or Poker.

Go to the MAIN MENU (three-line icon) and select MY WINNERS' ZONE.  At the bottom of the page select REQUEST WIN/LOSS STATEMENT.  You will receive an email with your information directly to the email address associated with your Winners' Zone account.

If you select the HOME icon and GROUPS option, you can select INQUIRY to submit a message to our team. Once the inquiry has been received, a member of our team will contact you.

Select the HOME icon and then STAY AND PLAY. This will show you a list of hotels with their contact information.

Select the HOME icon and FOOD & DRINK and then choose the venue you are interested in and select LEARN MORE.