Version: October 09, 2019

1. General

These Winners’ Zone Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”) govern the Winners’ Zone Program for all Century Casino properties in Alberta (Appendix I), in the following referred to as “Century”, only.

Century’s Winners’ Zone and the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission’s (“AGLC”) Winner’s Edge casino loyalty programs are independent from each other.

Century may amend or alter these T&Cs at any time and Century will make updated T&Cs available on the Winners’ Zone website. Century reserves the right to cancel the Winners’ Zone Program at any time, for any reason.

Century declines any liability from damages that may occur from participation in the Winners’ Zone Program. Winners’ Zone Members are participating at their own risk.

The decisions of Century with respect to all aspects of the Winners’ Zone Program are final and binding on all Winners’ Zone Members without right of appeal.

If any provision of these T&Cs is found to be invalid, all other provisions shall remain in effect.

These T&Cs shall be governed by the regulations of AGLC, laws of Alberta and the laws of Canada.

2. Definitions

  • “Ballots” means the total of Earned Ballots and Bonus Ballots available for a Member.

  • “Benefits” means the Contest entries, food and beverage offers, and other promotions awarded or available to Members for participating in the Program.

  • “Bonus Ballots” means additional ballots that may be awarded to Members at Century’s discretion, e.g. for winning jackpots at slot machines.

  • “Contest” means the Program’s prize draws.

  • “Earned Ballots” means a number of ballots available to be earned each day by a Member by entering the Member’s phone number at any Kiosk.

  • “Kiosk” is Century’s Winners’ Zone self-serve kiosk that is available to provide Members access to account information and Contest entries.

  • “Member” is a voluntary participant of the Program, who is over the age of 18.

  • “Personal Identification Number” (PIN) is an identifying number chosen by the Member, used for validating the Member’s membership.

  • “Program” means this Winners’ Zone program and the Benefits, rewards, privileges and provisions associated with it.

  • “Self-Exclusion” is an AGLC program that enables Members to exclude themselves from all Alberta casinos and Racing Entertainment Centres (RECs) and the gambling activities held therein. For more information regarding Self-Exclusion, please refer to the GameSense Terms and Conditions located on

  • “T&Cs” are these terms and conditions of Century’s Winners’ Zone program.

3. Membership Rules

A Member’s participation in any aspect of the Program constitutes acceptance of the T&Cs currently in effect. Membership is free, granted and maintained at Century’s discretion.

In order to become a Member, an applicant must:

  • Signup at a Program’s Kiosk

  • Accept the T&Cs

  • Present government issued photo identification in person within a 24-hour gaming day

Failing to verify the identity within the 24-hour gaming day period will result in disabling of the membership.

Members are not eligible for signup into the Program if they are enrolled in Self-Exclusion, suspended or banned from Century.

Acceptable forms of valid government-issued ID that can be used for verification are:

  • A driver’s license

  • Alberta Identification card

  • Passport

  • Armed Forces Identification card

  • Certificate of Indian Status card

  • Permanent Resident card

Membership is only available to a ‘natural person’. Organizations or institutions are therefore not eligible for membership. Members are entitled to one membership per person. Memberships cannot be shared between persons and must be used exclusively by the Member.

The Program is not available to employees of Century. Spouses and family members of employees of Century are permitted to participate. All Benefits may be subject to availability. Membership and Benefits are non-transferable.

Century reserves the right to terminate membership without notification or compensation, solely at its discretion. See Section “7. Membership Status” for details.

4. Privacy

Century collects, uses, and discloses personal information in order to:

  • Administer the Program, which includes determining eligibility and distributing information about the Program

  • Send messages related to the Program, which may include, but are not limited to, direct mail, email or text messages

  • Display messages related to the Program at the Kiosk

  • Administer Contests, offers, and special promotions

Century will never sell any data of Members.

Questions about the collection of personal information may be directed to the guest services representative.

Members must notify the guest services representative, in person, of any change to name or address and must present government issued photo identification to verify any such change.

Members may change their phone number registered with the Program, email address and/or PIN through a guest services representative.

Members may not share an identical email address with any other Member.

The Member’s acceptance of the T&Cs confirms that the Member understands and agrees to receiving communications such as Program services, promotions, offers, newsletters or account information directly sent to the Member by Century.

Membership for Members, who enroll in Self-Exclusion, will automatically be suspended. This may take up to 30 business days to take effect.

5. Signup

Membership to Century’s Program may be obtained by signing up:

  • Through a Kiosk

  • Through a guest services representative

The following information is required for a membership:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Phone number

  • Email address

  • PIN

  • Physical address

The phone number provided by a Member for the Program doubles as the Member’s membership number.

Only one email address may be attached to any one account.

Century may limit the number of enrollments issued to any individual Member.

The PIN, once set during signup, may later be changed at the Kiosk or through a guest services representative.

The phone number and PIN will need to be entered by the Member at the Kiosk to qualify for Earned Ballots as well as to retrieve information about the Program, the total number of Ballots earned by the Member, and Bonus Ballots available to the Member.

All Members must verify their identity by presenting acceptable forms of valid government-issued ID within 24-hour time frame in person to a guest services representative.

Failing to verify the ID within the 24-hour time period will result in disabling the membership.

6. Promotions

a. General

Century hosts promotions that may feature cash or non-cash prizes. A winner is randomly selected amongst all eligible participants (as defined in section 6.c.) by Ballots, which are described in section 6.b.

Official rules and regulations of each promotion may be obtained through a guest services representative. By participating in a promotion, i.e. earning at least one Ballot, the Member acknowledges and accepts the official rules and regulations of that promotion.

b. Ballots

Century uses an electronic system for Contests. This electronic system does not require printed ballots as Contest entries.

Members qualify for a certain number of Earned Ballots per visit per day. The quantity of Earned Ballots a Member qualifies for, may vary pending the specific promotion being entered. Members earn Earned Ballots for the day by entering the phone number and PIN registered by the Member at a Kiosk. Earned Ballots may be earned up to and including the calendar day of the draw.

Bonus Ballots may be awarded to Members at Century’s discretion, e.g. for winning jackpots at slot machines etc. Bonus Ballots may be earned up to 3:00 AM on the calendar day of the draw.

All Ballots earned at a Century property are accessible and can be applicable to the upcoming promotional draw at the respective Century property a Member is physically signed-in at.

For example: All Ballots earned by a Member at Century Mile Racetrack and Casino are attributable to the next promotion at Century Mile Racetrack and Casino or can be accessed at Century Downs Racetrack and Casino when physically signed-in to attribute to the next promotion at Century Downs Racetrack and Casino.

At the end of each promotion, all Entered Ballots will be voided. From the day following a promotion on, Members may start earning new Ballots towards the next promotion.

c. Participant Eligibility

Participants must be at least 18 years of age.

Century is the sole judge of entrant eligibility and winner selection.

A winner must

  • Be a Member

  • Be physically present, where and when the draw takes place

  • Arrive in person within three minutes after the announcement of the Member’s name at the Century designated promotional prize area to claim the prize

  • Be able to provide the Member’s phone number registered with the Program and a valid government-issued photo ID to Century to claim the prize

  • Have entered at least one Ballot

A winner must not be

  • Enrolled in the AGLC Self-Exclusion program

  • Banned by Century

  • Employed by Century

If the winner is not present or is not qualified to win the prize for any of the reasons listed above, Century will continue the promotion and draw a new winner.

Upon acceptance, the winner must sign an acknowledgement of receiving the prize.

Any winner will be asked to sign a voluntary photo release acknowledging that the winner’s photo may be used for promotional advertising.

d. Prizes

The decisions of Century are final, binding and conclusive.

Century reserves the right to revise, change or cancel any promotion at any time without notice or explanation.

Century cannot be held liable for any errors or negligence that may arise or occur in connection with any promotion.

Special promotions and offers, including Contests which may be offered to Members from time to time, and may be subject to additional conditions. This may include, but not limited to, draw participation conditions, date restrictions, and or timing restrictions.

Century reserves the right to change or restrict Bonus Ballots, Contest entries, or other awards on the Winners’ Zone Kiosks.

Century will not be liable for, and may adjust or cancel a Member’s Ballots, which were accrued due to system malfunction(s), Century employee error(s), misrepresentation, fraud, misuse, promotional error, or any other reason Century deems valid.

Century is not liable for accidents or injuries from the use of promotional items.

Century’s employees are not eligible to enter or win Contests.

Prizes must be accepted as awarded and are not transferable.

e. Draw Procedure

A random number generator will generate a winning Ballot from the total of all Ballots using an electronic system for the Contest.

7. Membership Status

Information regarding a Member’s membership status, account information, promotion details and Ballots may be viewed by accessing any Kiosk with the Member’s phone number registered with the Program and the designated PIN or by visiting a guest services representative.

If another person uses a Member’s credentials, such Member may have their membership terminated or suspended at Century’s sole discretion. Penalties may also include, but not limited to, cancellation of Ballots and/or other benefits on the Member’s account.

Century may suspend, cancel or terminate a Member’s Ballots, other rewards or the membership if the Member has been banned under the authority of Anti Money Laundering (“AML”) legislation and/or breached the T&Cs.

Century will make all reasonable attempts to freeze a Member’s account if the Member is enrolled in Self-Exclusion. The account may be re-activated after the Self-Exclusion period ends.

In the event that a Member’s account does not register any transaction within a continuous 24-month period, Century may freeze the membership and the account will become inactive.

Requests to terminate a membership or to enable an inactive account may be submitted by a Member by contacting a guest services representative. Terminated memberships cannot be re-activated, and any Ballots will automatically be voided.

Century reserves the right to suspend, cancel or terminate a Member’s account and/or cancel Ballots and other benefits obtained through abuse, misuse and/or reasons deemed to be in violation of our promotion’s purpose, or if they do not comply with these T&Cs.


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