"Gamble with your head not with your heart"

Understanding of Problem Gambling

A visit to any casino and entertainment complex is seen as time for relaxation, enjoyment and socialization. Visitors come to casinos knowing how much money they can afford to spend, and only spend the predetermined amount.

This is the case for the majority of visitors to casinos around the world. However, there is a small portion of people who lose sight of the entertainment value of gaming which could lead to varying levels of addiction to one or more forms of gambling.

Problem gambling is a serious issue and we therefore believe that it is our social responsibility to attempt to identify problem gamblers under a problem gambling program and provide them with the assistance and support to rehabilitate from the various levels of addiction.

What is Problem Gambling?

To address the issues of problem gambling and to create problem gambling programs, we first need to understand what problem gambling is and which individuals can be classified as problem or addictive gamblers.

  • Definition of Problem Gambling
    Problem gambling is any behavior that is damaging to the individual, the family, the community, the workplace or business.

  • Definition of Underage Gambling
    Underage gambling is the act of gambling by a person under the legal age to gamble.

Definition of our Responsible Gaming Program

Our responsible gaming program includes any strategy, policy or program instituted by us to proactively address problem gambling and/or underage gambling issues.

Century Casinos' Responsible Gaming Program

Century Casinos and its management team are committed to promoting responsible behavior among our customers and employees and dedicate human and financial resources to educate and build awareness that deters underage and problem gambling at its casinos.

Casinos Polands' Policy on Responsible Gaming includes the following measures:

  • Casinos Poland provides training programs for employees at all of its gaming operations to assist in identifying problem gamblers.

  • Casinos Poland works in cooperation with social agencies on matters related to this issue.

  • Casinos Poland offers voluntary gambling exclusion programs and prohibits all persons enrolled in any self-exclusion program from entering or remaining in the casino facility.

  • Information brochures on problem gaming are available in our casinos.

Gambling Problem Help Lines

For further information on problem gambling please visit www.uzaleznieniabehawioralne.pl. For assistance please contact helpline:+48 801 889 880 (available from 5 p.m. till 10 p.m.).
Please note that the website and helpline is available in Polish.