The Marshall Tucker Band

Mar 08, 2024

Tickets will only be available for purchase online through TICKETMASTER.COM.

Venue: Grand Ballroom

Times: Doors 5:30pm | Jefferson Starship 7pm | Marshall Tucker Band 8:30pm

Tickets: Starting at $55

Ticket prices exclude all taxes and fees.


Southern rock pioneers The Marshall Tucker Band have created legendary music like "Can't You See" and "Fire on the Mountain" since the '70s. While the members have changed over the years, the music that defined a generation remains the same. The rockers still energize stadiums with their iconic sound that combines rock, jazz, country, righteous guitar solos, and instrumental jam sessions. The Marshall Tucker Band hit the road in 2022 for a tour of the U.S. in celebration of 50 years of making great music. So whether you're a die-hard fan of five decades or just looking for an excellent Southern rock performance, be sure to grab tickets to see the band on their 50th Anniversary Tour. You won't be disappointed.

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