Thoroughbred Racing

Live thoroughbred racing returns on Friday nights at 7:15pm and Sunday nights at 5:15pm!

There are now two ways to take in live horse racing action! Watch from The Finish Line Restaurant or enjoy our outdoor apron!
For reservations in The Finish Line Restaurant, click the button below! For tickets to the outdoor apron, visit and search "Century Mile".  All spectators must be 18+.

For a complete list of live racing dates, click on the 2020 Calendar in the button below.

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Standardbred Racing

Century Mile warmly embraces the history of harness racing, welcoming the sulkies and drivers, and all who wish to light it up at the track. 



Quarter Horse Racing

Blink and you'll miss it! The Quarter Horses burst through the gate at Century Mile as a part of the regular Thoroughbred season.  


Be in the know

Check here daily for weather updates, scratches and changes, and more to keep you informed before placing your bet!


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Racing Club

Registration for the 2020 season is now closed. Stay tuned for more information on your next opportunity to join the Century Horse Racing Club, where you could own shares in not just one - but all five horses in our stable!

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Barn Tours

Century Mile boasts state-of-the-art barns with over 800 stalls and veterinarian space, providing the best lodging and care for the world's most beautiful Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds. Step behind the barn doors to enjoy a free guided tour and learn how our horses, riders, and drivers prepare for a race day.

Participants must be registered individually, and 12 years of age or older in order to attend.

Please note: we are not offering barn tours at this time in compliance with COVID-19 guidelines.



Please contact with any questions or concerns.

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