This page has been created to raise awareness about fraudulent campaigns on social media targetting Century Casinos. 

Certain scams on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram rely on fake profiles that try to imitate our accounts and then send out malicious links to our guests.

Our genuine social media accounts are accessible through the footer (bottom of the page) of each property website.

Be aware that Century Casinos' official social media accounts will never:

  • Send friend requests

  • Ask for personal information

  • Send external links (to fake "giveaways" or "prize redemption pages") and/or attachments

If you are contacted by a fake account:

  • Do not respond

  • Never click on the links

  • Do not open any attachments

  • Report the suspicious account to us and the social media platform

For more information about common fraudulent practices and how to avoid scams please visit the FTC consumer information website.