Please find below contact details for the management staff.

General Manager

Eric Rose
719-689-0333 x 157

HR Manager

Audrea Brickell
719.689.0333 x152

Slot Manager

Jon McKee
719-689-0333 x 223

Surveillance and Security Manager

Bobby Maidens
719-689-0333 x155

Cage Manager

Penny Estrada
719-689-0333 x292

Table Games Manager

Doris LeBlanc
719-689-0333 x290

Promotions & Hotel Manager

Barb Shepherd
719-689-0333 x284

IT Manager

Colin Marron
719-689-0333 x169

Compliance Manager

Caryl Dobbert
719-689-0333 x277

Food & Beverage Manager

Shane Wilson
719-689-0333 x160

Audit Manager

Christopher Welch
719.689.0333 x252

Marketing Manager