Business Stationery - Letters

  • Microsoft Word Templates for letters for each company are available in the US letter and/or DIN A4 sizes.

  • Request any changes to these templates through Corporate.

  • Do not attempt to change anything on the letter’s templates.

  •  Download templates for letters here.



Business Stationery - Envelopes

  • Company branded envelopes are rarely used within Century Casinos. No template for such envelopes exists either. Therefore this page serves as a guideline how an envelope should look like, should a need to create such envelope arise.

  • US Size:

    • Different Sizes Standard: 4-1/8” x 9-1/2”

    • Font Color Gray: 30K Font Color Black:100K

    • Substitute Font: Arial



Business stationery – Cards

  • Templates for business cards for each company are available.

  • Use these templates by changing names, titles and contact details. Request any changes to these templates other than the ones listed before (e.g. position of logo etc.) through Corporate.

  • No fax numbers.

  • Email address and URL in the same line, if possible.

  • Business cards are the same size in the US / Canada and Europe:

  • 3.5” x 2” = 89 x 51 mm

  • Font Color Black: 100K, Font Color Gray: 55K

  • Font: Helvetica Neue, Substitute Font: Arial

  • The basic background color is white. No grey Splash element in the background!

  •  Download templates for business cards here.