Website - Design and Principles


  • The overall framework and design of the websites are predefined and must remain intact. Discuss any significant changes with Corporate.

Main Menu Items

  • The main menu items follow the ‘call to action’ strategy (e.g. Play, Dine, Stay and Experience). For any menu items that cannot follow this strategy, please approach Corporate (e.g. Sports, Racetrack).


  • Only use superb images on the websites. Choose these images from on-premise photo shoots and/or purchase photos e.g. from www. Corporate will assist as needed.


  • Be very particular about drafting the texts explaining our offers and amenities.

  • Use inviting verbs.

  • Use positive attributes.

  • Provide a complete narrative of the amenities (e.g. if there is a small and a big events location, make sure to mention both with each room’s specific attributes).


  • Keep the content up-to-date and relevant.

  • Keep the integrity of the site at all times, e.g. do not place logos (e.g. from third parties) on the website without approval from Corporate.


  • Google Analytics / Google Data Studio helps to analyze website traffic and demographics. Corporate will assist with getting access to these tools, if needed.