Social Media – Design and Principles

  • Social media may include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

  • Management at each operation will decide, which social media platforms work best for the target audiences in the particular markets.

  • Once a set of social media platforms has been chosen, these platforms need to be attended to consistently, this is at least every other day.

  • Each of these social media platforms requires content updates via texts and / or photos as well as feedback to comments.

  • Tools as LikeAlyzer and Facebook Insights (for Facebook), HappyGrumpy (for Twitter) measure the effectiveness of social media activities.

  • Google MyBusiness is extremely important as well, as customers will leave feedback on Google MyBusiness in any event. Therefore, Google MyBusiness needs to be actively managed, this means up-to-date logos, photos, contact details as well as timely responses to reviews (either way, whether the review is positive or negative).

  • TripAdvisor, Yelp! need to be managed / monitored as far as possible.

  • For operations with hotels, the hotel booking sites (as, etc.) need to be very proactively managed (up-to-date photos, text, reviews, prices). We know that a proactive approach to hotel booking sites can increase hotel occupancy significantly.

  • Monitor emerging trends for social media, also in the context of local competitors.



YouTube Videos 

  • For YouTube videos, activate the watermark displaying the logo. The standard watermark location in YouTube is in the bottom right corner. Don’t show the logo on any other location in addition or instead of the watermark on the video.

  • The only exception to above is at the end of the video, where the logo may be shown centered in a good size.