Billboards - Promotional Messages

  • Size: As applicable

  • Consider the Safe Area, if applicable.

  • Put the logo on the right side of the billboard, used full height. Make it as clearly identifiable as possible. Choose a good contrast as the background.

  • Use the remaining place on the left side of the logo for clear and reduced messages.

  • Consider that the attention span of a person looking at the billboard, while e.g. driving by in a car, is a fraction of a second. Therefore, the message of the billboard must be immediately clear.

  • Put focus on the MESSAGE of the billboard. Choose visuals supporting your message.

  • The logo with the identifier / city identifier must be used on billboards.

  • No URL and no bow on billboards. 



Billboards - Directional


  • Size: As applicable!

  • A directional billboard has only two messages, which must be IMMEDIATELY obvious to any viewer:

    • Message 1: Who is advertising (e.g. Century Casino Edmonton)

    • Message 2: Where to go (e.g. turn right at ...)

  • Note that in this case, the messages come first, Corporate design comes second. This is why it is permissible to omit the splash from the logo, in order to accomplish bigger letter sizes. The font type, however, will remain unchanged.

  • The same principles are applicable for the use of the logo on other promotional items as canvasses, (chuckwagon) tarps or video walls.

  • Consider the Safe Area, if applicable.