Corporate press releases

  • Only Corporate is authorized to issue Corporate press releases on behalf of the company. Any such press release will be approved by either Co CEO prior to its release. The release of a Corporate press release must be in line with applicable rules and regulations, specifically with Nasdaq and SEC.

  •  Download a press release template here. 



Operations press releases

  • If an operator wishes to issue a press release to local media, the general manager of such operation will need to get pre-approval from Corporate. Any such request for approval needs to be in writing (per email) with the proposed text and the recipients (name of newspapers etc.)

  • As a template for the press release use the latest business stationery for the operation from the Corporate Design file share.

  • Write PRESS RELEASE on the left side and the date right-aligned, plus underline the text as indicated on the Corporate press release template shown above. Write the headline in bold as shown above. Then write the body of the press release in justification as shown above. At the end of the press release body, write the company contact of the operation as shown in the example above (just not to the left of the headline, but under the press release body. An example is available on the Corporate Design file share.