Century Mile Racetrack and Casino: The Ultimate Racino Bachelor Party


The Ultimate Racino Bachelor Party

Jan 22,2019

Eggnog and root beer.

Ham and pineapple pizza.

That one crossover episode where CSI Miami, New York, and Las Vegas all joined forces.

Sometimes, it’s better to join all the things you love.

Back in the day, you’d have the guys who loved the track, and the guys who wanted some fun gambling at the casino. Thus; throwing together a gambling-themed bachelor party to satisfy them all would rarely happen.

But now, we live in an age where you can have your cake and eat it, too. Introducing, the RACINO. Best man, YOU. ARE. WELCOME.

What is a Racino? A racino is a facility offering a casino and a racetrack, combined into one. It’s a bachelor party paradise with a fully-fitted casino and live racing right at your fingertips.


Ladies Love It

Let’s first address the fact that the women in your lives likely don’t usually love the idea of a bachelor party. Thanks to movies like The Hangover, the average groom has been punished into spending his last night of freedom watching a football game at the local pub while incessantly texting his fiancé assurance that his buddies aren’t dragging him to the strippers.

Let Century Mile help you plan a bachelor party with more class. Remember, the wifey to be will be happy to know that the only a$$ her future groom will be seeing is that of a Standardbred horsey named Air Forbes Won.


More Options = More Fun

Look, planning a bachelor party isn’t always easy. You get a bunch of friends together and try to do something that they all love. But what can you come up with that satisfies all the tastes and preferences of your pals? 

That’s where the racino really shines. It gives everyone in your group a chance to find their own happy place. A couple of your buddies might love to spend some time at the electronic roulette table while another one might want to plunk some quarters into the slot machines.

And when all that gets to be enough, you can head over to the live racetrack, place a few bets on the ponies and have fun cheering on your favorite horse. 


Live Racing Year-Round

Century Mile offers a minimum of 100 exciting race days per year. Sure, you can find online race betting at major casinos, but that’s simply no comparison to the real live thing. Hear the thunder of hooves in your chest as the horses stampede right by you. Cheer on the horses as they pick up the pace on the homestretch. Smell the fresh “road apples” of the steeds. OK, not 100% super, but still a good length better that staring at a screen 1000 miles from the actual race.


More Betting = More Chances to Win

With more chances to bet, your bachelor party crew will have more chances to win. While you wait for the next race to set up, pull the one-arm bandit to take a stab at a slot-machine jackpot or put it all on red at the electronic roulette table. With new opportunities always on hand, your guys can have better odds at hitting the big win.

Planning your bachelor party with Century Mile ensures a fun and exciting day full of entertainment, in one convenient location. We can customize your experience 6 ways from Sunday, ensuring the ‘raciest’ bachelor party you’ve ever had.


With a Century Mile bachelor party, everyone’s a winner.

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