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A Day in the Life of a Racehorse

Jan 22,2019

A Day in the Life of a Racehorse

Celebrity status. National recognition. Exclusive rights. Attention. Parades. Photographs. 

And So. Many. Oats. 

This is just a typical day for a champion racehorse like me, and life can’t get sweeter.

You’ve probably heard all the horse stereotypes. Playing games, demanding expensive shoes, grazing all day, and proudly trotting by the fillies (they all know I’m a stud).

Some of these stereotypes are accurate, while others are not, so I think its time you got to know the truth straight from the horse’s mouth.


Not Just Another Pretty Face

My name is Al Capony, and I’m not just any pony. I come from a line of thoroughbred racehorses who are built for speed. Magnificent bloodlines, and a legacy proud to claim. These are just a few of the reasons why I hold my head high.


Born in a Manger

All eyes on me, from my day of birth. From the moment I first opened my eyes into this world, I had a cushy home at my breeders’ farm. I was 18 moths old when I found my forever home and began training to be the incredible competitor I am today.

My first race was when I was three years old and I won by a neck. It was exhilarating, and I’m addicted to the chase.  A renowned thoroughbred like myself will run as many as two races per month, but we don’t like to do that too often. Some of my buds, who are into harness racing, will race every weekend, taking a week off here and there. They’re hardy folk and recover easily.

Me; I can be a bit of a princess but keep your judgy looks to yourself. Between the traveling and the training, we thoroughbreds need a lot of downtime to recover. Like an Olympic level athlete, we can’t overextend ourselves without risking injury to these long and glorious legs.


It’s Important to be Stable

Being a winner means living the life of one.

I like to live clean, and so my groom is around a few times a day to muck out my stall (it’s not a pretty job), fetch my dinner, bring me clean water, bath and groom me, and clean my expensive equipment.


All the Help Money Can Buy

My life is geared for one thing; to finish first.

Just like Beyoncé has a vocal coach, I have a trainer too. She and I quickly developed a special bond. Trust is what bonds us – along with love for speed. Plus, I know she gives me the freshest apples when no one is around. She has trained for many years to handle a demanding athlete like me.


Preparing for the Mane Event

I hear that you humans like to hold races between yourselves. Believe me, that’s the funniest thing you’ve ever told a horse. It’s cute how hard you try to gain speed on those short legs, and you only have two of them! To call it ‘racing,’ is downright adorable.

Let me show you what real race preparation looks like. First off, I do nothing on my own. My exercise rider starts early with a quick trot around the yard, waking up my legs and getting the blood pumping.

My race day routine includes grooming of my hair and hooves, a post race ice bath for my legs, and a delightful massage by Hans. His hands are pure magic.

My shoes are the Louboutin of horses. My saddle is only the finest leather. Everything is designer, honey because I’m worth it. You call it pampering, but I call it a necessity because I need the best to be the best. #knowyourworth


Jockeying for Position

There’s nothing like the thrill I get when the gates first open and I see the long track ahead of me. This is when I come alive. My heart beats out of my strong chest, my hooves thunder down the track, and the crowd cheering my name is like no other sound in the world.

I hope that my legacy will last forever; like my old pal Foiled Again. Did you know that old stud raced until he was 15?! He earned a staggering $8 million in oats before taking it to the bank and spending the rest of his days being pampered by his family. Ahhhhh….the life.

I realize that you humans could spend a lifetime learning about my crew and me. There is a lot to know but be sure to take some time and enjoy the races, too. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll throw down a couple of bucks and bet on me to win. After all, my lineage may have unicorn.  

It’s off to the stables now but let me leave you with just one secret.

You know that saying ‘You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink’?

Totally false. We’d absolutely drink the water, but we like messing with you.

It’s off to the races for me but, as we say in the shed, may the horse be with you.

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