Remillard Comes to Century for a Change of Pace

Jun 17,2017 Krystle Frisky

Richard Remillard, veteran driver, had joined us this past weekend from his usual residence in Manitoba.

“Well right now we just moved here, because Valarie, my partner is retired,” said Remillard. “We’re going to be [racing] year-round…well mostly year-round.”He drove in races all weekend, and did relatively well.

On Saturday, June 12th Remillard drove GRINANDCHASEIT for trainer, Carl Archibald, in race 7 and EMMAS BIG GIRL in race 9. While GRINANDCHASEIT didn’t place, EMMAS BIG GIRL came in second in race 9.

Remillard stayed cool under pressure as EMMAS BIG GIRL tucked into fourth place for most of the duration of the race. In the final stretch, Remillard took to the outside and gave BRIGHTEN YOUR LIFE (Hoerdt) arun for his money. In the end, Kelly Hoerdt took home the win.

Remillard drove in two races on Sunday, June 11th for trainer Carl Archibald, then drove JULERICA for the first time on Monday, June 12th in the third race. Unfortunately, JULERICA did not place. These two horses of his, EMMAS BIG GIRL and JULERICA, are recent claims.

“EMMAS BIG GIRL, I claimed her two weeks ago. [I] raced her once, and I’ll be trying her in the upper-claimers to see how she’s going to do. Hopefully she’ll do [well] there,” said Remillard. “She’s a nice mare,I like her. I want to give her some more time to see how she’ll be.”

“JULERICA, we claimed him out of Toronto, Ontario, and he had to wait 60 days to race him. His first start is Monday against the Open, so we’re hoping he’ll fit there,”said Remillard. “He’s a nice horse, I’m pretty sure he’ll compete.”

Since Remillard is here to stay, he is planning on getting a few more horses to work with this summer. “We’re going to get one or two more, because we only [have] two,” said Remillard. “A couple have broke down since we’ve been here. Time will tell, but we’re still looking for one or two more, because three is not enough for us. Five or six [horses] is enough,” said Remillard

A favourite horse, BAYLOR OUT, is a horse to watch for. “BAYLOR OUT has surprised us,” said Remillard. “My nephew owned him, and we bought 50 per cent. He looks like he’s going to be a pretty good horse, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself. So far he’s been a surprise for how fast he’s been. I thought he’d go around 56 - 57, but he went in 54, and it looks like he can go a little more, so we’ll see.”

“It’s not how fast you go, it’s who you beat,” said Remillard.

All in all, Remillard is just happy to be at the track. When asked if he’s looking forward to racing against anyone in particular, Remillard said that it doesn’t matter. “I’m excited to race every day, and hope to beat them, I guess,” said Remillard.”

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Photo credit: Pembina Group