Leaving it to Chance

Apr 07,2018 Krystle Frisky

Once Thoroughbreds have moved on from the racetrack, we’re happy when they find a new home racing as part of a chuckwagon team. This could extend their career on the track by another 10 years!

Century Downs Racetrack and Casino and Century Casino Calgary are proud to announce a partnership with Chance Bensmiller for the 2018 Rangeland Derby at the Calgary Stampede from July 6-15. Chance’s tarp went for $90,000 at the Canvas Auction on March 22, 2018.

The small-town star residing in Dewberry, Alberta comes from a reputable family in the sport. His father, Buddy Bensmiller, known to fans as the Dewberry Rocket, is a three-time Canadian champion. Having spent so many years with his dad in the wagon, it’s no surprise that Chance has seen such early success in his Chuckwagon career. Chance, who is a third-generation wagon driver, has spent years with both the World Professional Chuckwagon Association (WPCA) and the Canadian Professional Chuckwagon Association (CPCA). This with be Chance’s fourth appearance at the Calgary Stampede.

“We are pleased to be able to partner with an outstanding representative of the Chuckwagon community and sport,” said Paul Ryneveld, General Manager of Century Downs Racetrack and Casino. “We look forward to cheering him and his team home each night during the Stampede and hope to see him in the final heat on the final Sunday.”

We encourage all of our racing fans to cheer on Chance Bensmiller this year at the Calgary Stampede!

Stats, courtesy of the Calgary Stampede:

Calgary Stampede GMC Rangeland Derby Standings
2017 – 22nd
2016 – 27th
2015 – Did not attend
2014 – Did not attend
2013 – 29th – Rookie Year

GMC Rangeland Derby Starts: 4

Number of Championship Sunday Final Heat Appearances: 0

Best Finish: 22nd (2017)

Canadian Professional Chuckwagon Association Standings:
2017- 8th
2016 – 5th
2015 – 11th
2014 – 17th
2013 – 16th

World Profressional Chuckwagon Association Standings:

2011- 33rd
2010 – 32nd
2009 – 30th
2007 – 35th
2006 – 32nd
2005 – 36th


Photo credit: Calgary Stampede