Interview with R U Stable's Randy Smith

Nov 23,2018 Orianna Scheck

R U serious?
R U crazy?
R U sure?
R U nuts?
And that’s how it all came about!

Meet Randy Smith and the R U Stable!

Randy Smith and his wife Marcia are from PEI and both grew up around horses and harness racing.  They moved to Alberta in 1986 and always toyed with the idea of wanting to own a racehorse here in Alberta.  Understanding the racing game and both been down this road before they wanted to go in to this adventure with no expectations.

After some long discussions and one final meeting at a local pub, seven couples and one friend took a leap of faith and supported the idea of buying a race horse. The group was formed for the social aspect and the fun of it.  Once the group was formed they needed a stable name. Each time Randy Smith discussed the idea of getting into the racing business people would usually respond with one of four questions; Are you serious? Are you crazy? Are you sure? Are you nuts?  “So when it came to picking a Stable name it seemed obvious that R U Stable was the right choice” shared Smith.  “It also reflected the fun nature of the experience we were looking to have”.

“We met trainer and driver Dave Kelly strictly by coincidence and have grown to have a great relationship” said Smith. “Dave has been everything we could hope to have in a trainer and driver. His patient demeanor and care for his horses is what we were impressed with the most”

With the guidance of Kelly, the group purchased a 4yr-old mare named Medoland Darby from the ASHA mixed sale this past May.  Medoland Darby (affectionately known as Darbs) had some issues to start but appears to now be going in the right direction for her owners.  

Darbs had her first win for her owners on October 28th at The Track on 2 which was very exciting for the new ownership.  She has continued with two strong second place finishes here at Century Downs since her victory.

The group get together as often as possible by hosting tail gate parties and barbecues or lunches and of course to cheer on ‘Darbs’.  They’ve recently purchased beautiful hats and shirts sporting their name R U Stable.

“R U Stable is in it for the long haul and we hope that Darbs is just the beginning for us” states Smith. “The experience has been great so far and we intend to continue to stay in the racing game”!



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