Racing 101


The following carryovers will go into our next race day on Friday, July 8 (6:15 pm Post).

Jackpot Hi-5 $2,716.01

Jackpot Pick-5 -  $551.85

NOTE: The entire jackpot will payout only for a unique winning ticket, otherwise 50% of the new money will be added to the jackpot pool for the next race day.

What is a carryover?

A horse racing carryover is when no wins occur in a wagering pool at the end of a race. This amount is carried foward and added to the similar pool on the next race day.

Betting Basics

Win - Your horse must finish 1st
PLACE - Your horse must finish 1st or 2nd
SHOW - Your horse must finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd
ACROSS THE BOARD - Combination of equal Win, Place & Show bets on a single horse
QUICK PICK - Can't decide? - Ask for a "quick pick" and a horse no. will be generated for you. Quick picks are available for all bet types. 

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