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Celebrating Our 15-Year-Veteran Team Members - Shirley!

May 20,2021

Dana Laratta

Join us as we celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the opening of Century Casino & Hotel Central CIty this year! We opened our door on July 6th, 2006! We'd like to give you a chance to know our 15-year-veteran employees a little better! After fifteen years in operation in one of the most crowded and competitive casino markets available in the country, we're proud to have many team members who are also celebrating their anniversary with us this year! We've asked them a few question to help you discover the folks who have helped bring The Winners' Zone to you all this time!

Let's contniue our tour of our 15-year-anniversary team members with:

Shirley Walters
Customer Service Representative
Originally hired on 7/10/2006

Shirley joined us just a few days after we first opened our doors in 2006, and has been one of the most reliable Customner Service Representatives we have at the Player's Club! Customers love her practiced efficency in checking folks into the hotel, singing up new players for a card, helping folks get and understand the promotions available to them, as well as the way she brightens their day with her smile! We caught up with Shirley so we all could find out a bit more about her:


  1. What was your journey that led to you joining Century Casino?
    "I was working at an envelope company for 34 years and they went out of business. I saw a job fair at Jefferson County Fairgrounds. Century was at that job fair and I was hired on the spot by the woman that knew my boss at that time. And I have never looked back! :)"

  2. What is your favorite meal?
    "I LOVE Mexican food! Beef and bean smothered burritos are my weakness!"

  3. What was your first paid job?
    "When I was 12 I started babysitting for $0.50 an hour... Then at 18, I became a waitress."

  4. What was the first casino you stepped into? Where was it? Did you win? ;)
    "Bullwhackers in Black Hawk was the first casino I played in. I do not remember winning anything so that probably means I did not. Over the years I have gotten 'better' at it though."

  5. What are you glad HASN’T CHANGED about Century Casino?
    "We have always worked hard to be the casino that people remember for their service. I feel like we have held on to that family-style friendliness over all these years and I am proud to help give that service!"

  6. What did you imagine about the future as a kid, that HASN’T come true?
    "With the space program that evolved throughout my childhood, I imagined that by 2021, we would be able to 'catch a flight' to the moon as a vacation destination. No all-inclusive moon getaways yet but I think that still may happen!"

  7. What futuristic thing became a reality, that you never imagined?
    "All of our technology changed so much and so fast that I never could have imagined being able to be almost completely self-sufficient with 'smart' devices. We can talk, text and 'meet' face-to-face without leaving home. I can’t wait to see what happens next...maybe teleporting to our vacations?"

  8. Ever meet anyone famous? When? How?
    "I met Frankie Avalon and got his autograph at JC Penney’s in 1990. His appearance was advertised so my friend, my daughter and I went early and beat the line. I also met Richard Simmons in 1982 when he used to have fitness centers here in Colorado. I was a member of one of them and he stopped by. I never got an autograph because I gave my one sheet of paper and my pen to another fan and he stopped signing right after her. Oh well."

Shirley has seen just about everything in her fifteen years at the Players Club and Hotel Desk, but she hasn't seen teleportation technology just yet! Once they come up with it, we very much look forward to the improvements that will allow in travel time not only to vacations, but for a lot of our players and team members, in their daily trips "up the Hill!" ;)

Check back for more fifteen-year-veteran profiles before we reach our Anniversary date of July 6th! Were counting down to our July 6th anniversary date with a month and a half of excitement, like the 15th Anniversary Progressive or our 15th Anniversary Ball Cap Giveaway! Make sure to join us each weekend for the celebration! Happy Anniversary!

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