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Celebrating Our 15-Year-Veteran Team Members - Mattie!

Jul 06,2021

Dana Laratta

It's July 6, 2021 and we're celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the opening of Century Casino & Hotel Central CIty! We first opened our door to the public exactly fifteen years ago! We're proud to have so many team members also celebrating their 15th anniversary with us here in Central City this year! We're well-known as one of the best places to work in both Black Hawk and Central City, and we've got a squad of long-standing team members to prove it! It is our dedication to friendly service to all our guests--the ones who come here for fun and the ones who come here to help and earn a lving--that helps keep our place special!

We've been interviewing our 15-year vets all summer, and we're happy to cap off this feature with a final interview with Century's dedicated Slot Manager:

Mathew Morrison
Slot Manager
Originally hired on 7/31/2006

Mattie joined our property shortly after first open, and quickly rose to prominence helping to whip our early slot floor into proper shape! Now he manages the entire slot floor--every machine!-- and all the friendly and helpful folks who pay out you jackpot and fix up your machine to get the action up and running again! Mathew Morrison is a vital part of the leadership team here at Century, and we asked him a few questions to get to know him a little better:

  1. What was your journey that led to you joining Century Casino?
    "I really wanted to be a part of something unique and different from the other casinos in our market. I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished and what we will do in the future."

  2. What is your favorite meal?
    "I am a sucker for anything home-made. No fungus though!"

  3. What was your first paid job?
    "Gunther Toody's in Arvada. Dishwasher extraordinaire!"

  4. What was the first casino you stepped into? Where was it? Did you win? ;)
    "Harvey's on my 18th birthday! The only thing I won was a stern talking to from D.O.G. Officer Carter!"

  5. What are you glad HASN’T CHANGED about Century Casino?
    "After fifteen years we are still trying new things, constantly trying to improve the experience for our guests!"

  6. What did you imagine about the future as a kid, that HASN’T come true?
    "The Miami Dolphins winning the Super Bowl... at least, during MY lifetime!"

  7. Ever meet anyone famous? When? How?
    "I used to co-host a sports talk show on Mile High Sports. We had Ernie Banks on the show one day. It was inspiring to listen to a Hall of Famer talk about his craft. Even at 70 years old you could hear the passion in his voice!"

It sounds like Mattie has a lot of cool experiences from his interesting past... we had no idea we had a retired media personality among our ranks. He probably could go on a bit longer about all the famous sports personalities he had the chance to interview!

We're so happy you've joined us for this celebration of our 15-year team members, and our 15-year anniversary! Remember that our 15 Year Anniversary Chips are available starting today, at face value, until we run out and they're gone!

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