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Celebrating Our 15-Year-Veteran Team Members - Jane!

May 14,2021

Dana Laratta

Join us as we celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the opening of Century Casino & Hotel Central CIty this year! We opened our door on July 6th, 2006! We'd like to give you a chance to know our 15-year-veteran employees a little better! After fifteen years in operation in one of the most crowded and competitive casino markets available in the country, we're proud to have many team members who are also celebrating their anniversary with us this year! We've asked them a few question to help you discover the folks who have helped bring The Winners' Zone to you all this time!

Let's contniue our tour of our 15-year-anniversary team members with:

Jane Tomlinson
Compliance Manager
Originally hired on 4/3/2006

Our Compliance Manager Jane has the longest tenure of everyone here at Century Casino Central City! She joined early as our Cage Manager, and moved into the position of Compliance Manager about two years later! Our casino couldn't open or remain open without her tireless work, ensuring we keep abreast and on top of all the rule changes: this past year has been quite a challenge for her! In between her busy moments, we chased her down and asked Jane some fun questions about herself:


  1. What was your journey that led to you joining Century Casino?
    "Management change due to ownership change at Mardi Gras. I started looking for a new casino to open - met with Dave Akers and Scott Nordgren, and liked them!"

  2. What is your favorite meal?

  3. What was your first paid job?
    "Worked for Dad at a family-owned drug store at Monaco & Yale (S.E. Denver). Started in the sixth grade."

  4. What was the first casino you stepped into? Where was it? Did you win? ;)
    "Caesar's Las Vegas. I just remember being young, and the costumed women walking the floor!"

  5. What are you glad HASN’T CHANGED about Century Casino?
    "Ownership has stayed the same - stability!"

  6. What did you imagine about the future as a kid, that HASN’T come true?
    "We'd all be dead by now!"

  7. What futuristic thing became a reality, that you never imagined?
    "Tickets instead of coin!"

  8. Ever meet anyone famous? When? How?
    "Many - I used to work stage in New York, etc. Cicely Tyson, Martha Graham, Colleen Dewhurst!"

Sounds to me like Jane has a lot more interesting stories than she had time to relay them to us!

Thanks to Jane, for her tireless work protecting us from our own possible mistakes for fifteen years here at Century Casino, and for making the time to answer some questions to let us get to know her better!

Check back for more fifteen-year-veteran profiles before we reach our Anniversary date of July 6th! We've got two months of excitement planned leading up the the fiften year anniversay date of our open, like the 15th Anniversary Progressive or our 15th Anniversary Ball Cap Giveaway! Make sure to join us for the celebration! Happy Anniversary!

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