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Celebrating Our 15-Year-Veteran Team Members - Gary!

May 07,2021

Dana Laratta

We're celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the opening of Century Casino & Hotel Central CIty this year! It's hard to believe how the time has flown since we opened our door on July 6th, 2006! So much has changed in the time since, in the world, in our industry, and in our little mountain town!

One of the things that hasn't changed is the special atmosphere at Century that makes it a great place to work. We treat all our guests like friends and family, whether they play with us or work for us! Maybe that's why, after fifteen years in operation in one of the most crowded and competitive casino markets available in the country, we still have so many wonderful fifteen-year-veteran team members, who are also celebrating their anniversary with us this year!

For the two months leading up to the actual anniversary date, as we celebrate the event with exciting promotions like the 15th Anniversary Progressive or our 15th Anniversary Ball Cap Giveaway, we'd also like to give you a chance to know some of our tenacious and dedicated long-time employees a little better! You might see some of them regularly aleady, while some may be forever hidden behind the scenes. Nevertheless, we've asked them a few question to help you discover the folks who have helped bring The Winners' Zone to you all this time!

Let's start the tour of our 15-year-anniversary team members with:

Gary Eagleson
Table Games Manager
Originally hired on 5/17/2006

Our Table Games Manager joined us before opening day and helped to open the doors! He's been a steady hand guiding the department through rule changes, new games, bet limit changes, and nearly a full year of required closure, all while keeping the games running and staffed with a crew of dealers that is known as the friendliest on "the Hill!" We asked him some fun questions about himself:


  1. What was your journey that led to you joining Century Casino?
    "My journey went from graduating high school to the Marine Corps and then into security work. I was managing the security dept at Lutheran Medical Center when a good friend talked me into trying the casino biz."

  2. What is your favorite meal?
    "King Crab"

  3. What was your first paid job?
    "1st paid job was bailing hay for a local farmer."

  4. What was the first casino you stepped into? Where was it? Did you win? ;)
    "The Mirage. Don't remember if I won."

  5. What are you glad HASN’T CHANGED about Century Casino?
    "It's a non-corporate family environment."

  6. What did you imagine about the future as a kid, that HASN’T come true?
    "A colony on Mars and an end to polluting our planet."

  7. What futuristic thing became a reality, that you never imagined?
    "Self driving car"

  8. Ever meet anyone famous? When? How?
    "Leon Spinks in the Marine Corps chow hall. He had just beaten Muhammed Ali for the heavyweight title."

Gary's had some interesting experiences! Leon Spinks passed away just this past February, but he will always be remembered for his amazing upset victory over Muhammed Ali, something that can be credited to the discipline he learned in the Marine Corps Boxing Team!

Thanks to Gary, for his service to our country, and for his service-with-a-smile for fifteen years here at Century Casino, and finally for being kind enough to answer some questions to let us get to know him better!

Check back for more fifteen-year-veteran profiles before we reach our Anniversary date of July 6th! And make sure to join us for the celebration until then! Happy Anniversary!

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