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Celebrating Our 15-Year-Veteran Team Members - Cheryl!

May 28,2021

Dana Laratta

Celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Century Casino & Hotel Central CIty all summer! We first opened our door to the public on July 6th, 2006! We're proud to have many team members who are also celebrating their 15th anniversary with us this year! Few casinos on "The Hill" can boast so many long-standing employees! They must like it here! We sure like having them here. We gave our 15-year veterans a few questions to answer, so you might get to know them a little bit better!

Let's continue our tour of our 15-year-anniversary team members with:

Cheryl Frost
Customer Service Representative
Originally hired on 6/14/2006

Cheryl joined up before open, and helped us on our first day at the Player's Club and Hotel Desk! Things used to be a lot simpler up there, before the days of online reservations and free play! Then again, she used to have to print out hundreds and hundreds of little paper drawing entries before we added Virtual Drawings, and get covered in little bits of paper! We got a bit nosy with Cheryl so you all could find our more about her:


  1. What was your journey that led to you joining Century Casino?
    "I was working in Black Hawk at Colorado Central Station (now Lady Luck). I wanted to try another casino... Century Casino!"

  2. What is your favorite meal?
    "Salads and chicken dinners!"

  3. What was your first paid job?
    "My first job was at Wolverine Shoes in Rockford Michigan!"

  4. What was the first casino you stepped into? Where was it? Did you win? ;)
    "Colorado Central Station in Black Hawk, Colorado. Did not win!"

  5. What are you glad HASN’T CHANGED about Century Casino?
    "We mostly work as a team. It is still the best place to work, you feel at home here! Good employees to work with and talk about life! Best boss ever... Liz!"

  6. What did you imagine about the future as a kid, that HASN’T come true?
    "To travel more, see different places. The first one was Colorado! I want to visit every national park in the U.S.A.!"

  7. What futuristic thing became a reality, that you never imagined?
    "Better myself, and have a good job with a career. Have a purpose to be ME, and show people I can do it by myself!"

  8. Ever meet anyone famous? When? How?
    "Bronco Von Miller two years ago at Century Casino!"

All our players love Cheryl for her pleasant smile and demeanor. She is also a practiced and distinguished Bingo caller! We're so happy she has stayed with us all this time, and we hope she gets the chance to meet more Denver Broncos in the future!

We'll be posting more fifteen-year-veteran profiles as we approach our Anniversary date of July 6th! Celebrate Century's 15th birthday with a month and a half of excitement, like the 15th Anniversary Progressive or our 15th Anniversary Ball Cap Giveaway! Make sure to join us each weekend for the celebration! Happy Anniversary!

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