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A Time for Giving and Community... Century Cares!

Dec 22,2020

Dana Laratta

Hello and Happy Holidays to all our loyal guests! This article is not only the return of communicating to you in this format, but also the first article that will debut on our own site. The old Blogger platform we were on was pretty old and disused when we first started with it, and it just didn't make any sense to send our guests somewhere else to read our news and insights! We've brought over our old articles, and in the future you'll find a variety of new articles here about our games, our community, our team members, and how we fit in to the world at large. Make sure to check back!

For now, we'd like to let you know something you might not know about us: at Century Casino Central City, we believe in being good neighbors. This means actively supporting our community, doing our part in ensuring safe and secure gaming, and taking an active part in giving back to our community and to those within it that are most in need. Normally, we go about this quietly. But in the spirit of keeping you informed about all the goings-on at Century, it's only fair we let you in a little bit on how we give back.

Century Cares is our company-wide name for our community initiatives.

The ironic thing about restarting our "blog" now, is we've actually had a lot to communicate in this crazy, mixed-up year. With the COVID-19 pandemic rising up and impacting everyone's lives, we've had to communicate about our three-month closure from mid-March to mid-June. Since then we've had numerous changes in the Colorado Department of Public Health requirements and status, which has led us to continually update our communication regarding which features are available, what hours we are allowed to serve liquor, what occupancy we are allowed to house, etc. You can find the latest version of all these details on our COVID-19 Update page.

It's undeniable: 2020 has been rough. Our hearts go out to all the people, businesses, lives, and livelihoods so gravely impacted by this devastating disease and its effects. We in the casino industry were fortunate to already have many of the tools in place that it would take to enforce health screening and occupancy requirements: a staffed security department with door greeting already scheduled; the ability to close many of our entrances to ensure all guests are screened before entry; a staffed surveillance department able to monitor all areas for problems. In fact, most of the properties in these mountains were originally constructed back when indoor smoking was allowed and as a result have high-volume air handlers that make an indoor casino airflow situation less concentrated than most indoor businesses. We've written before about our stringent efforts to ensure our property is appropriately policed to prevent underage gambling, for us the COVID-19 enforcement became an extension of that completed work. With an engaged housekeeping and porter staff, the additional deep-cleaning and disinfecting work was also something we could handle. This hasn't been so for many businesses, who have found themselves short on the labor and resources to handle the additional requirements just as the business revenue they would need to address those needs is also dropping.

Keeping Our Gaming Space Clean and Safe For You.

Of course this year has also challenged our local, state, national, and even international community with loss not only of security and loss of livelihoods but loss of life as well, due to COVID. Our hearts also go out to all of those who have lost someone they love in this tough year. Every community has been touched by loss in one way or another this year, and Gilpin County and Central City is no exception. Despite low COVID fatality numbers for residents of Gilpin County, for example, our community was recently saddened by the loss of two local heroes. Cody and Shelby Allen, married firefighters who were members of the local Central City Fire Department, were tragically lost recently due to accidental carbon monoxide poisoning in their home. Our entire community gathered together to celebrate their lives and mourn their passing Friday, December 18th, just one week before Christmas. Many of our team members knew these extraordinary young people personally, and their loss is keenly felt by everyone here. If you haven't already, please see about having a carbon monoxide detector installed in your home. The Central City community and Fire Department will be working to look into ways they can help local citizens with that need, but it's a good idea for anyone as the weather grows colder and we're inside a lot more. Find out more about carbon monoxide and why you should have a detector in your home in this link shared by Gilpin County Public Health.

In addition, the Central City Voltunteer Fire Department accepts charitable donations through the Central City Volunteer Firefighter Foundation. This year, Century Casino Central City will be donating $500 to this foundation, in honor of our local fallen heroes.

Century Casino support CCFD
One of the signs we held for the funeral service procession last Friday.

With so many challenges facing our community, of course safety, sympathy, and even single donations are not enough to offer to make a difference in being good neighbors. That's one of the reasons we have presented our "Your Change Helps" charity collection kiosk stand by our ticket redemption machines ever since the summer of 2017 when it made its debut collecting for relief for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Periodically, we designate a new recipient to receive the total of all the change collected. Before this opportunity, players would often find themselves with a few cents leftover on a machine, less than can be bet there, that they would often cash out and leave behind... because for them the few cents on the ticket wasn't worth the time waiting to redeem it. Or players would only be interested in the dollars from their cashout tickets, and the loose change was just extra trouble for them. Ironically, in a house with convenient ticket-in/ticket-out slots, slot machines don't want coins!

Now, with just a few moments of extra trouble those few cents can make a big difference for someone else. By cashing those little tickets and dropping the change into our charity change collector, you work with hundreds of other players to build up an amount that can make a difference to a reputable local charity. in 2019 "Your Change Helps" collected over $1,000 in change for charities like Project AngelHouse, the Rocky Mountain Children's Health Foundation, Lighthouse Writer's Workshop, Hope House of Colorado, and Empact Northwest. In 2018 our charity change collector gathered over $1,700 for the year for charities like Food Bank of the Rockies, Brent's Place, Friends of Charlie's Place, Sense of Security, the Melina Wachter Memorial Foundation, Front Range Equine Rescue, Hunger-Free Colorado, and the Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking.

"Your Change Helps" Charity Change Collector
"Your Change Helps" Charity Change Collector

For 2020 we had already decided to select a new charity for "Your Change Helps" every three months rather than every month, so we may collect a bit more for each charity before we cut the check (we don't make the charity deal with counting all the actual change... that's what we're good at!). However with all the challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic, we have selected charities we hope will be able to help with the crisis: (once again) the Food Bank of the Rockies, and the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. Since it has been such a difficult year, and for three months out of the year we were not able to collect these charitable donation, this year Century Casino Central City is donating an additional $500 to the Food Bank of the Rockies to do our part to help ensure no one in Colorado goes hungry.

Starting in January, we will begin collecting change for the Colorado COVID Relief Fund hosted by the State of Colorado and the Mile High United Way. It's amazing how much all that loose change, previously left behind on forgotten cashout tickets, can make a difference for a local charity and people who need it! Next time you have a spare-change ticket you're about to leave behind, look instead for the "Your Change Helps" charity change collection kiosk, and put those few cents to work for the folks for whom it will make a difference!

Finally, as mentioned before we like to give back to the community in quiet ways that are less about splashing our logo somewhere and more about making a big impact on the people who need it most. As such, every year we accept many requests for donations of certificates that can be used as prizes and giveaways in smaller charity auctions and raffles. There is an air of exclusive value to an overnight stay in our beautiful boutique-style hotel, plus free dinner, and these certificates became a high-value item for charitable individuals or couples at auctions and raffles looking to donate a few bucks, feel good about themselves, and find themselves a good time in doing so. We offer just that, for smaller yet deserving charitable causes.

Free Hotel Stay and Dinner Certificate
Free Hotel Stay and Dinner Certificate

As a point of fact, despite being less visible than our "Your Change Helps" charity collection, our certificate donations make up the lion's share of the value Century Casino & Hotel Central City gives back to our community each year. For the year 2019 we donated over $34,600 in Free Hotel and Free Meal certificate value to nearly 160 different charitable causes! We just ask that you provide a 501(c)3 tax identification number or similar proof to ensure your status as a non-profit, and that you provide plenty of notice for us to help you! If you are running a non-profit event and think a Century Casino & Hotel certificate is a perfect match for your needs, please take a moment to Contact Us about it!

We hope the holidays this year treat you well, better than the rest of the year has been! We treasure our community of players who come to visit us from all over Colorado and surrounding areas as we do our local community, and we're happy to share a little bit about the efforts Century makes to show that we care, to be a good neighbor in our community, and to arrange help for those who need it in ways that focus on their needs more than our role in helping. If you have had a lucky year, thank the powers-that-be and remember that luck always turns and comes around. If you have had tragedy or rotten luck in your life this year, please know that you are not alone, and that all around you are people and organizations looking for ways to help. The links above for the charities to which we have donated make a good place to start looking, to receive help or to offer it.

It is our sense of community and caring about those around us that makes the holiday season brighter. We hope you can see now that Century has always found ways to carry that giving spirit throughout the year! Happy Holidays, and stay safe and warm!

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