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Detour to Us from Black Hawk!

Sep 29,2016

Dana Laratta

If you're planning a drive to enjoy some Colorado mountain scenery and gambling this week or the next, you might notice a road closure making it harder to reach us if your habit is to take U.S. Highway 6 through Clear Creek Canyon, to State Highway 119, through Black Hawk.  Your normal "left turn" to reach Central City won't reach us, as Gregory Street in Black Hawk is closed to allow for water and sewer utility installation work.

This construction began in October, but is part of a longer project that comes and goes, with intermittent road closure along Gregory and other roadways between Central City and Black Hawk.

Map not to scale, showing this week's detour.

But don't worry, even if your habit is to take State Highway 119 through Black Hawk, there is a convenient detour to reach Central City.  It might be kind of hard to recognize, at first, so below you can find step-by-step instructions on how to reach us after coming up your preferred route:

The first "Detour" sign when you reach Black Hawk can be easy to miss.

When you reach Black Hawk coming up State Highway #119, if you're heading to Central City, you would normally go straight through the first two intersections. Now, you will want to look out for the "Detour" sign right before Mill Street, and take a left there.

Mill Street is the second intersection, near the giant metal hawk statue.

Once you take a left on Mill you will want to go straight through the next intersection, Black Hawk's Main Street, and head under the crossover bridge following the curve right and up the hill on what is now Miner's Mesa Road.

Pay no attention to the big brick monstrosities on either side of you. ;)

Follow this road up a hill and behind the large buildings and you will reach a right turn, onto Bobtail Road, just past a beautiful iron bridge.

Have you driven Miner's Mesa Road before? What a view!

This road will lead you over a hill overlooking Black Hawk and take you right down to Gregory Street, just up from Crook's Palace, where you can turn left and head to Central City in your usual manner!  The detour is just a few steps and just a few seconds, so as long as you know where to start, it's easy!

Bobtail Road is smooth and nicely paved for an easy, quick detour.

Of course, if Central City and Century Casino are your destination, we always recommend you consider changing your habitual route from the single-lane canyon run of State Highway 119 over to Interstate 70 to Exit 243. The same-easy-to-remember exit will take you to the Central City Parkway no matter which way you're driving on I-70.

The Canyon or the Parkway: why not both?

Even if you still prefer taking Clear Creek Canyon, you can take U.S. Highway 6, and continue following it to I-70 to take the Central City Parkway, with only a few minutes actually spent on I-70 before you will take Exit 243. Isn't the final leg of your trip on State Highway 119 mostly offering you a view of construction work right now anyway?

Maybe try out the wide, multi-lane, scenic Parkway route?

The Central City Parkway offers a nice alternative to State Highway 119, no matter how you reach the area. The Parkway offers a four lane approach to our mountain town with plenty of room to pass and go fast or to slow down and take in the beautiful scenery!

So keep an eye out and take a Detour to reach Century Casino Central City while construction continues, or try an entirely new route that may turn out to be your new favorite!

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