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Our Baby-Faced Ten-Year Veterans

Jun 24,2016

Dana Laratta

We try to run things a bit differently here at Century Casino. We try to keep things a bit friendlier, to focus on the fact that our people are our most important strength. Maybe that's why, as we approach our 10 year anniversary celebration, we have so many happy team members with us who have been here the whole time!

Who knew…this shy little guy would become the “main man”, running the Century Casino and Hotel after his stint as the Food and Beverage Manager.  Be sure to commend “our” Mickey on his 10 years of service at Century!


Who knew…this happy little lady got her cake and ate it too here at the Century 10 years ago!  It’s our very own Shirley from the Player’s Club.



This guy has always achieved to climb into high chairs and take charge!  It’s our very own Mathew “Mattie” Morrison our Slot Tech Manager … still would be fun to see him dressed in red velvet! J


Who knew… that we have a twin here!  If you look real close to the beautiful eyes you will see our Little Cheryl from the Player’s Club.  Congrats Cheryl on 10 years…had we realized you had a clone; we’d have her working here too!



Who knew… that this little lady would find her niche in compliance?  This is Jane Tomlinson, our Compliance Manager.  Some of us refer to her as “The Sheriff”…of course lovingly!



Who knew…that the rattle would be practice on her microphone skills!  Yes, this is the “one and only, Voice of the Century”!  Our very own Gigi!


Here's to another ten years at Century to help keep us young!  ;)

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