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Mid City Grill at 8,500 Feet??

Jun 03,2016

Mickey Rosenbaum

Hi this is Mickey Rosenbaum, General Manager of the Century Casino and creator of the Mid City Grill!  "What’s in a name?" is an often-asked question!  Yes it does seem strange to call a restaurant the “Mid City Grill” when it’s located at 8500 ft. in the foothills of the mountains!

A Hard-Working Artist Makes a Mid City Mural for the Ages!

I wanted to depict a Mid City feel and we decided to do it with a large wall mural. I commissioned an artist friend skilled in such work, and we went to work designing the look to reflect dining on the 4th floor of a downtown restaurant in a city that resembles Denver.

Diners Enjoy Ambiance Among the Little Details!

That's me, in the yellow shirt, hosting the table in the mural. The design, layout and actual painting took about a month in time.  It was spectacular watching the mural come to life in vivid detail.  If you haven’t seen the mural or eaten in the Grill you are missing a wonderful treat.   

Service Faster Than a Speeding Bullet!

The detail woven into the mural is fun and precise.  If you look closely enough you might even see Superman hanging around!!  And by the way……..the food is as awesome as the mural!!!!  


Open at 8am Daily until 9pm Sunday-Thursday, or 11pm Friday & Saturday!

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the Mid City Grill makes a great option for a great meal, with a great view. Unlike most other casinos, kids are always welcome to enjoy the food and mural at Century’s Mid City Grill.

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