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Gaming and Drinking in Colorado Casinos

May 18,2016

Dana Laratta

In Colorado the legal age for both drinking and gambling is twenty-one years of age. So if you are going gambling, just like if you are planning to buy liquor, it is a good idea to have your legal identification with you. Guests in our casino can expect to be asked to show their ID at any time, and legal forms of picture identification are needed to process large jackpots if you hit one. Always bring your current ID to go gambling.

A current, valid Driver's License is the most common form of ID we see.

In addition, Colorado gaming regulations require that we not allow its patrons to gamble if they are visibly intoxicated. We are happy to offer free drinks to our guests when they are playing, and we rarely demand proof of play at time of service, unlike some of the houses in Black Hawk. Nonetheless, we must follow specific training, rules, and guidelines about how many alcohol beverages you can be served, and how often.

How about a little something to eat instead, for right now?

These kinds of rules exist to protect the players, and are common even in Las Vegas, though some players have found that the enforcement of these rules can vary, like the California man who sued a Vegas casino after losing big while claiming to be over-served. In Colorado, our $100 bet limits and our prohibition against "markers" or any form of extended casino credit serve as protection from that outcome. However you should expect to have your consumption monitored and managed by our servers and bartenders, to ensure you're making clear decisions in your gambling.

Pay attention to some new rules about where you take your drinks and how!

Recently we, along with many other Colorado casinos, have begun offering our complimentary drink service 24 hours a day! There are some specific rules associated with the Common Consumption provision that allows this, so make sure you pay close attention to specific signage around the casino to help explain where you can carry your beverage, and in which type of container.

Central City Saloon, 1870-1880. Denver Public Library Digital Collection.
Note the slot machine on the left. :D

Drinking and gambling are cozy bedfellows in the traditions of these mountain towns, allowing people nowadays to blow off steam from the workaday world just as those miners did in the late nineteenth century. Things are a bit more civilized and managed now, which hopefully leads to a safer drinking and gambling environment for everyone to enjoy!

Denver Public Library Digital Collection source: 

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