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My How Time Flies!!

Apr 28,2016

Mickey Rosenbaum

Hello, I'm Mickey Rosenbaum, General Manager of Century Casino Central City. It’s hard to believe that Century is quickly approaching our 10th Anniversary on July 6th!  You know what they say, “Time flies when you’re having FUN!”

The Front Door Before the Front Steps Existed!

April 2006 was a crazy time around here as the vision and physical structure was taking shape.  Contractors were flying around everywhere, as were words of encouragement as well as focus, if you know what I mean in the construction world.  It’s always fun, and at times stressful, to put a project like this together.  

The Parking Garage Construction Was a Big Project!

 Two months and counting to projected opening……. It’s always great looking back to see how far we have progressed.  Stay tuned for more reflections and pictures as we move forward to our 10th Anniversary celebration.

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