To All Our Valued Guests and Friends,

We hope you and your loved ones have remained safe and healthy, our thoughts have been with you.

We are happy to share that as of May 16, 2021, Gilpin County has moved to Level Clear on the Simplified Dial, which allows businesses like ours to operate at 100% capacity with no additional restrictions, except for indoor mask requirements implemented by the State of Colorado or Colorado Department of Public Health and Enviroment (CDPHE). At present, state indoor mask requirements only require masks for unvaccinated individuals over the age of 11.

Therefore, we are releasing our own indoor mask policy, and requesting that all of our unvaccinated guests wear their masks at all times while in our building unless they are actively eating or drinking. Lacking any sort of state or national vaccination verification system, we do not have a method to enforce or ensure that all unmasked guests have been vaccinated, and at-risk guests should be aware of that should they visit. Certainly any guests that wishes to wear a mask at any time can do so, however we must still ask that if they do they remove all hats or sunglasses.

You're on Your Honor! If you are fully vaccinated for COVID-19, you may ENTER freely without a mask. We’ve ceased health checks.

To protect vulnerable guests, if you are not fully vaccinated for COVID-19, please wear a full face-covering mask, and remove hats and sunglasses while on property! (Bandana and Neck Gaiters OK!)

All CDC and federal, state, and county guidance for handling COVID-19 recommends vaccination for all eligible adult Americans to limit and prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Our path forward to open business without further requirements is through the vaccination efforts that will limit and shrink the spread of the virus, and the danger it poses to vulnerable individuals. Dr. Dawn Comstock, Executive Director of the CDPHE puts it best:

“Gilpin County and our neighbors across the Denver Metro Area are able to make this change now because so many residents are choosing to get vaccinated. Getting vaccinated is our community’s path to staying fully open. Widespread vaccination coverage among Gilpin residents is the key to all of us getting back to doing the things we love. That’s why I’m so thrilled that, with the FDA’s very recent Emergency Use Approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for children ages 12-15, now even more residents can be protected. Further, getting a vaccine is now easier than ever with free, walk-up vaccine clinic locations widely available across the state.”

We urge our guests without vaccine allergies and other medical concerns with vaccination to join the community effort to fight back against this virus, by getting fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. Through the power of our cooperative effort to fight the spread of COVID-19--either through vaccination, or through the continued wearing of a face-covering mask and observation of social distancing--we can return a position of confidence that we can continue to move forward bringing fun and entertainment to our guests.

If the cooperative effort goes poorly, and COVID-19 numbers resume a dangerous rise in counts, Glipin has provided a 90 day window after which they will evaluate the results of this time on Level Clear. Please do all you can to ensure we all are able to pass this evaluation window without making decisions that would set back our progress, put vulnerable people in danger, and possibly threaten our industry with the return of restrictions in the future.

You may see some of our Team Members walking around unmasked, and we can assure you we have required and received verification from them via a completed vaccination card before they are allowed to work unmasked. This is for their protection and the protection of their families, as well as for the protection of our guests and our business. Basically, a completed vaccination acts as a replacement for a face mask. We are able to verify this replacement with our own team members, but are not able to verify this replacement or mask with vaccination with our guests, whom we must ask to be honest and considerate in their observation of the existing statewide mask order.

Your patronage, friendship, and continued health means a lot to us. We'll continue working to do all we can to ensure you feel safe to Come for the Action, Stay for the Fun!


Dan Hedges
General Manager

Updated May 19, 2021