Players who hit a taxable jackpot ($1,200 or more) can get an extra $20 in Insta-Play if they grant us, and give us permission to share, a JACKPOT SELFIE!

If you would like to take the selfie yourself (i.e. a True Selfie) just take a shot of your face in front of the game screen and send it, along with your first name, city of residence, how much you won, and the name of the game to: social.centralcitycnty.com and we’ll add $20 Insta-Play to your account soon, when we verify and post (Usually within a week)!

Or, we’ll take the picture and collect a permission form to share the pic along with the same info: first name, city, game, and jackpot amount on social media in exchange for the award granted the same day. Picture must include the Player (masked player A-OK!), and permission to share in all outlets must be granted, to receive this award. Show the world your lucky day with a JACKPOT SELFIE!

For emailed submissions: must receive photo within one week of date of jackpot to receive award. Note that sending a jackpot selfie and info to this address consititutes permission for us to post the image and info to social media in exchange for the $10 Insta-Play award. If photo is unusable, award is not guaranteed and remains at the discretion of management, but will be added if the photo is posted.

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