Fridays 5-10pm, Saturdays 3-10pm, Sunday Noon-6pm! 
$150 Progressive Prizes Every Hour
Win Full Amount if Present, Progress Prize if Not
Daily Final Progressive Must-Go Prize, Win up to $1,350!

Labor Day BONUS Event – Monday, Sept. 7th
$500 Progressive Prizes 3pm-9pm
Win up to $5,000 at 10pm

Win hourly progressive drawings every Friday through Sunday this July! Entries earned all week each week for that weekend’s drawings, each week! WIN $150 progressive prizes every hour on drawing days—all drawings are from our virtual barrel so you can win right from your seat! If you’re present for the drawing you win the full $150, if not the $150 is added to the Daily Finalé Progressive! Our final daily drawing will be for the progressive prize, and we’ll draw until we have a present player, who will WIN UP TO $1,350!

Holiday BONUS Drawings! - On Sunday, Sept. 6th our drawing will proceed from 3-10pm. On Labor Day, Monday Sept. 7th, starting at 3pm we draw for $500 progressive prizes every hour! If you’re present for the drawing you win the full $500, if not, it’s added to the Holiday BONUS Progressive! At 10pm we draw for the Holiday BONUS Progressive and our present winner could win up to $5,000!

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