Fridays 5-10pm, Saturdays 3-10pm & Sundays 12-6pm!
Sunday, May 28th & Memorial Day, May 29th • 3-10pm!
Earn Entries Weekly Apr. 3rd – May 29th
Winners EVERY HALF HOUR Climb the Cliff for CASH, Insta-Play, and Finalist Entries!
DOUBLE PRIZES in each day’s finale!
WIN a 2023 Chevy TrailBlazer AWD RS at 10pm on Memorial Day!

Earn entries to weekly drawings with just 50 base points on your Winners’ Zone card starting April 2nd at 6:30pm! Weekends through Memorial Day, every half hour we draw one winner who plays “cliffhanger” by guessing three prize card amounts from between $50 and $115, whose totals add up to $200 or $250. Winners climb the cliff for each dollar they miss each guess. If they stay on the cliff for all guesses, the winner claims the prize total and 10 finalist entries. Winners who guess too far off and fall receive $100 in Insta-Play and 20 finalist entries. For the last drawing of each day, all CASH or Insta-Play prize awards are 2X doubled! Sunday, May 28th our drawings proceed from 3-10pm!

Memorial Day, Monday, Sept. 6th is our final blowout event! Virtual drawings for double (2X) prize drawings run each half hour from 3-9:30pm! Then, at 10pm we draw ten names from our Finalist Barrel who draw envelopes: nine will win $500 CASH prizes, and one of them will be the single lucky winner of a 2023 Chevy Trailblazer AWD RS ($28,000 Cash/Insta-Play Option)!

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