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At Century Casinos we are committed to being your employer of choice through our innovative policies, practices, and HR initiatives.

Our work environment is fast paced, fun and exciting.  We work in a unique and dynamic environment where gaming, food & beverage and entertainment come together to provide an energetic and vibrant experience for our customers.

Our philosophy of being the “Employer of Choice” in North America and Internationally is largely based on the satisfaction of our employees.  All employees are respected members of our successful team; the opinions, questions, suggestions, or concerns of our team members are valued and help form policies, procedures, benefits and perks within our organization.

Providing a positive work environment is the focus of our Senior Managers and Human Resources department.  Collectively, we pursue this goal with our employees, through our “open door” policy knowing that a happy and productive team will bring our customers back again and again.

We offer competitive wages and a variety of benefits for each division of employees such as medical and dental, RRSP and RPP plans, career training and advancement opportunities from entry level through to management positions.  In addition, all employees enjoy an opportunity to attend concerts, events, food and beverage purchases, bowling, mini golf, hotel stays, comedy shows and horse racing at discounted employee rates throughout Century Casino locations.  Throughout the year Century employees enjoy staff BBQ’s, various Holiday functions, mini appreciation days and recognition for outstanding customer service from Peers and Managers through our Century’s Best Program.

Customer Service is at the forefront of everything we do so if you are customer focussed, know how to take care of our valued customers and want to work in the positive team environment in the exciting world of Century Casinos.

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