Century Casinos’

Corporate Design Manual

Welcome to Century Casinos’ Corporate Design Manual!

Century Casinos’ goal and vision is to become the leading company in the mid-size casino market world-wide. In order to achieve this goal we strive to grow our business and look to continue our financial success.

This Corporate Design Manual aims to support the company’s vision by providing compulsory brand guidelines. An established and consistently applied brand is vital in any marketplace. Brand awareness refers to our customers’ ability to recognize our logos and marketing materials within split seconds of their attention span (e.g. when flipping through pages in magazines, when driving by billboards on highways).

An important part of Century Casinos’ brand is the logo. The two elements of the logo send strong messages. The splash symbolizes the fun and excitement our customers experience on our gaming floors, at the racetracks, horse betting parlors, hotels, restaurants, bars, showrooms, event venues, comedy club, bowling alley or indoor mini-golf. The font of the letters suggests Century Casinos as a modern and established company.

This Corporate Design Manual is a guideline for anybody involved with Century Casinos’ brand application, be it management, operations or marketing. It is supposed to be shared with third-party graphics designers.

We appreciate your efforts in supporting and advancing Century Casinos’ brand. Thank you for your cooperation.

Erwin Haitzmann & Peter Hoetzinger
Co CEOs Century Casinos, Inc.